Monday, June 12, 2006

"Asian gore fest"

An idea that just came to me from writing an email was perhaps I could give you an insight into the east Asian film market with a bi-weekly (does that me twice a week or once every two weeks?) critique on the latest subversive underground Asian gore fests and so on.

Lets start with Poseidon. $150 million Hollywood "blockbuster". And let me be clear, I only went to see this because a) M I:3 isn't out here until the 25th of June, and b)X-men 3 isn't out here until September.

You've got Kurt Russell and a massive sinking ship. If you like massive sinking ships, watch Titanic. If you like massive sinking ships with lots of dead bodies an Kurt Russell watch this. Now I wouldn't say this was a good film, but was I entertained for 99 minutes? Yes. Was I on the edge of my seat a bit even though I don't like to admit it? Yes. Would I recommend it? Only if you have seen everything else on at the cinema and want a bit of mindless computer generated computer entertainment computer CGI computer.

Or if everything else on at your cinema is in Japanese with no subtitles and despite living in Japan for over 10 months you still can't understand a simple conversation.

People that will like this film:
Tom (pretty much going to find Tom in this section for every film I watch)
Crags - maybe

People that probably won't:



Anonymous jake said...

i didn't know you had a blog brownsdon. you have half inspired me to add another entry to the barryandmaverick blog - i might do a review of the year like you've done (only mine will be infinitely funnier).
i actually quite liked mission impossible 3 (although it did get a bit shit towards the end) so maybe i wouldn't mind this boat film you're on about (its gotta be better than pirates of the caribbean anyway!)

8:08 am  

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