Friday, June 16, 2006

A Pint of Milk

The fact that you are reading this means that you know I'm in Japan. World economic superpower, home to 127 million people, GDP of nearly $4 trillion, home to some of the most technologically advanced automotive companies in the world, and what do I have to say about this? It's all rubbish.

I'm going to look into buying a car with a 600cc engine. That's 32cc larger than a pint of milk. It would be the smallest engined car I have ever driven and also at least half the engine size of any car I have ever own. I am embarrassed. I had aspirations of driving Subaru Imprezas and cheap Nissan Skylines to work everyday, I thought the road would be race tracks (just like at home) and I thought my driving life would be the best here it has ever been. How wrong I was. The roads are filled with traffic lights and worse, traffic.

To date my 1992 Nissan Presea bought from the predecessor of my school and apartment has cost me over 550,000 Yen. What is that in pounds you ask? Well it's about £2250 but that doesn't sound as much. It has only been 10 months. Anyway it's costing too much and it's gonna have to go. In comes sensible Rich and and the pink of milk motor.

If everything goes according to plan, I'll be driving round in alittle beauty like this when a current ALT who has one, leaves Japan in July. A sensible way to save money? Certainly. Better for the environment? Undoubtedly. Permanently damaging to my pride? Only time will tell.


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