Thursday, May 29, 2008

Don’t watch TV, Watch TED

TED - ideas worth spreading.

The reading slowed down this month (but nearly finished Atlas Shrugged), and this is pretty much what I have been doing.

It’s a series of short lectures and presentations (10-30minutes) from basically all the people who’s books you've read, or want to read. You’ve got Stephen Levitt - Freakonomics, Malcolm Gladwell - Blink, Richard Dawkins - The God Delusion, as well as entrepreneurs and leaders like the Google guys, Richard Branson, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins and scientists and charity workers, who might not be quite as famous. It’s everyone who’s got something important to say.

Since TED stands for Technology Entertainment Design, there’s a fair amount of that too, but to be honest I haven’t watched many on design. I challenge you not to find something interesting on this website.

I would post a video here for you to click on but youtube seems to be down.



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