Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happiness and money

How much money does it take to be happy? Everyone wants to be happy, right? People have different views on the matter. A lot of wealthy people talk about realising your potential, setting big goals, finding your passion, believing you can do more and then doing it. Examples of this type of person would be Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and the motivational speakers.

Next there seems to be the less is more, simplicity, voluntary poverty type. As long as you meet your basic needs, you’ll be unburdened by the worries of money and the world will be yours. This would be Gandhi, Socrates, Jesus, and several other modern philosophers.

Finally, we come to the hallowed Mens Health magazine model... Average earning people (28,000GBP in the UK apparently) are the happiest. A mixture of low expectations and many meals with family and friends is the route of happiness through this model. i.e. Focusing less on that super-yacht and working overtime to please the boss frees more time for social activities, families and relationships.

In conclusion, the world needs all of the above type of people and it looks like all can be happy. It’s everywhere, if you look for it!

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