Sunday, July 23, 2006

Don't make me cringe.

There's nothing more annoying than reading about some one's life changing happiness found on JET. This was made obvious to me by a resent publication, something called "The Jet Journal: 20 years of the JET program".

This large 145 page document was sent out to all current JETs, and was a collection of thoughts about how useful and internationalising JET is. What a waste of paper. I had the misfortune of reading a couple of entries. I can safely assume that all these annoy essays were written by annoying American geeks. And what a load of cringe worthy bollocks it was.

See what I forget to mention sometimes is that JET is made up by a fair number of geeks. I mean that's not being harsh, it's just the way it is. They're all super nice but we all know where nice guys finish; well we do now, they finish up in Japan.

Yeah so maybe I'm generalising and maybe I'm even starting to use more annoying American slang myself than I used to, but what I think I'm saying is that some times it's good to be cynical and to enjoy the difficulties of life in Japan, and not just talk about crap like "transcending borders" and "bringing the world closer together".

What a load rubbish. No one wants to read that- it's boring. You'd probably prefer to find out that I completely misjudged a hand shaking situation with a boy with no limbs on my first day at my disabled school (where I'm the teacher, not a student, smartarse). After greeting all the other limbed children with a firm British hand shake, I left poor little stumpy waving his stump at me in the hope of a firm grasp while I bowed several times not knowing the stump shaking etiquette for first time meeting with a 7 year old Japanese limbless elementary school student.

Then again, who does?


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