Monday, July 31, 2006


2,600 The number of new JETs that arrived in Japan this week.
44 The number of countries that JETs come from.
0 The number of hours any JET will work this month.
With that, I bring you a collection of what the Japanese like to think is English, but is actually called Engrish. I just remembered I had these on my camera phone.

Your favourite section in the video shop.

The small print reads :
Turn round and round the conversation Special Days
Let's happily spend it all by talking, singing and dancing and it does sports.

Jake's dinner, yum!

And their coach speaks English

An amusement arcade, for you's.

And finally, what my students get up to on actual exam papers that I mark, when they don't know what else to do.

Yep, draw guns in the spaces where there are no questions. Worrying. Still, best to correct the spelling.

Nice big head there, but this IS an exam buddy.

Don't question my question, son.

Choose the correct sentence. Or just draw people having sex. It's your life. It's up to you.


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