Friday, September 01, 2006

Goals for September

As a new year starts in Japan, so does a new Rich. A better Rich. A more goal orientated Rich. So, on the advice from wise old Dad and entrepreneur in-the-making Brother , I have decided to set more goals. Lets see what we can come up with for September, shall we?

Exercise at least 3 times every week (healthy).
Sell something on eBay to kick start my entrepreneurial system (weathly).
Read at least 1 book this month (wise).

You can't beat that, but here's a couple of others.
Book and pay for a Christmas holiday to Australia. Done this one today actually.
Wake up earlier than I have to. They say it makes you productive. It makes me tired.
Try not to be one of those pervert teachers. Today during the school uniform check all the students must go through at the start of a new term, some of the girls decided they also wanted to physically check each others breasts as well. Cool, but oh so wrong.

I'll be checking back in a month to see how I've done.


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