Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The empire is slowly taking shape, with the first in-profit sale of Japanese chocolate on eBay. I tell you, I'm going places. And not just chocolate related places.

I'm now convinced I'm going to be a success. I think I should be wording that in the present tense (i.e. I am a success), to manifest it properly, but I don't know a lot about subconscious auto-suggestion, yet.

Podcasts I am currently enjoying from iTunes and recommend:

The Economist
In Business
Learn to Meditate
Hypnosis, and NLP
The Motley Fool UK Money Talk

If you know any other good podcasts on money, business, psychology, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Japanese, let me know.

I'm thinking of changing the name of the blog to The 3 B's, The Brownsdon Business Blog, in light of the direction I want it to take. Nah, that sounds too boring. A bit like this post really.


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