Monday, October 23, 2006

An Unusually Busy Weekend

As usual for a Friday night, I was surrounded by beautiful ladies.

I attended my first Toyama University party and was pleasantly surprised to find many of the Japanese students could speak English. Of course, like any good foreigner in Japan, I spent most of the night speaking to other foreigners anyway.

It was a great night, and being so far away from my mountain side home, a kind caring generous friend kindly offered me floor space for the night and some of the morning. And if you're reading this, thanks, and I can't wait to come again.

The morning after, I was to be a Mongolian. For some stupid reason I volunteered for an ethnic fashion show. It must have appealed to my vanity. Spending a day dressed like a tit is not the best cure for a hangover. And the bloody show even had two real Mongolians! I was just a spare. Still, they marched me round in front of everyone and I did my wave and bow like a good little sheep herder. Here's a picture of me and my brothers. I really wish I was looking more miserable in this photo, so you got the true sense of how I was feeling. By the way, I'm the one in the middle. I know, it's amazing, we could have been separated at birth.

The night out afterwards was a lovely Indian dinner and a punk rockabilly show in Takaoka. Take a look at the picture. What do you think? No, it wasn't really my cup of tea either. So I had an early, sober night.

Sunday morning was 2 hours of Bujinkan, which is a new martial art I'm thinking of learning. The instructor, Andrew, threw a sword at me 3 times to bring out my spirit. If my spirit lives in my bowels, he succeeded in bringing a bit of it out.

After sword play I was invited to a Japanese friend's house for food. For the 8 of us that were eating, there was food for at least 20 more. It was the Japanese equivalent of a Sunday lunch, with noodles instead of sprouts. We ate til we could eat no more, then sat and chatted, and when just enough food had been digested to move, we ate more.

As a matter of fact, I haven't really needed to eat since.


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