Monday, October 23, 2006

Runner's World

On a sunny morning not two weeks ago, several hundred people decided to meet up and run in circles around two buildings, for several hours. I was one of these people. The event was the Toyama Team Marathon, and as part of a 6-man strong team, I ran.

I say 6-man strong team, but we were neither all men nor particularly strong, and were in fact not only beaten by the other two competing JET teams, we were beaten by the blind team, the disabled team and most embarrassingly, by the Elementary school team.

Not embarrassing because they are only about 2 years old, but because it was as I was finishing the final lap of our group's race, that the young'uns all decided to out pace me. There was a lovely moment at the end as I crossed the finish line surrounded by toddlers. Really put a shine on my achievement. Thanks to Darcy and Helen for capturing this rare moment on film.


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