Thursday, October 12, 2006

Oh God.

After realising what a failure I was last month, I have had to look else where for inspiration. Oh Lord, if the Hoff can get to number 3 in the UK singles charts with that cheesy Jump In My Car song I posted below, then surely I can achieve something too.

And low, the Lord did cometh to me and gaveth me the strength to beat all the other non-Japanese people in the Namirikawa 10km run that I did last sunday, most especially Jake, who, although he regularly posts comments on my blog, is actually the Devil. And He did helpeth me finish reading two more books this week, and He gaveth me the power to finally post my first item for sale on ebay (if you want some Japanese Pocky chocolate biscuits, I know where you can pick up an absolute bargain). So this week the Lord is a good guy, let's all give religion a chance shall we? Anyway, what problems has having a God ever caused? None, that's for sure.

Ever seen the look on a Japanese quadriplegic's face when you try to teach the song 'heads shoulders, knee and toes'? The Lord certainly teaches English in mysterious ways.


Blogger Dani said...

Congrats on the race!!!! It's no surprize though, we back-woods JET newbie frien...people consider you a god!

6:54 am  
Anonymous Ems said...

I am not surprised you finished before the others in the many energy drinks and protein shakes did you drink before hand? You cheater!!!!

3:56 pm  

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