Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Rich in the future?

Probably it's better to write more than write less in a blog. At least it gives you a record of how bored you were on any given day. And who knows, my subconscious mind should kick in at any point and I'll start writing about what I really want to be writing about.

The decision to stay in Japan another year was not an easy one (see! Thank you, subconscious). It's going to be nice living a comfy, healthy, intellectually stimulating, sex orgy party fuelled lifestyle for one more year, but really I shouldn't get complacent. I still have to look long and hard into my future's face and say "Hey, what the hell are you looking at, you old fat man?"

It's all too easy to forget about the future, but really, the future is now. Annnd now.. and wait wait.... nnnnnow! no now! now!!

Is everybody really thinking about what they want or where they are going? Or do they just go? Sure, people have a job, a life, security, but what about a reason? At least I'm asking the questions, and like my dad always said, it's important to have an inquisitive mind.

Talking of dads, my book time is currently filled with Rich Dad, Poor Dad's entire back catalogue, - "What the rich teach there children, that the poor and middle classes do not!" After reading and enjoying his first book, I'm hooked on the ethos. That ethos being that any man can attain financial security simply by becoming educated and investing in his financial intelligence, something you don't learn at school, and don't learn by accident.

I'm not saying I have a poor dad, but lets just say I have to thank my brother for passing on these books. He's been very encouraging and a great influence. Remember The 3Bs thing from the other post? The (insert surname here) Business Brothers sounds even better to me.

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